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The Swaroop Project
  • The SWAROOP Project is an initiative to create awareness about saving the natural forest as well as support the farmers who are the ‘Backbone of the Country’s Economy’, by creating an alternative resource of timber to fulfill the individual and industrial requirements. We believe that any development should be sustainable to maintain the ecology system for our future and upcoming generations and SWAROOP is a small initiative to achieve it by creating a win-win situation for both investors and the environment. The investor gets the best ROI (Return On Investment) in this cause while the farmer gets returns for their hard work and one alternative source will be created for the wood-based industries.

Why We Need More and More Projects like SWAROOP?

  • According to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), we are losing 130,000 square km of forests daily!
  • According to the Center for Global Development, if the vegetation loss will continue at this rate, the forest cover of nearly the size of India will get destroyed by the year 2050!
  • India has been constantly trying to get its aim of keeping 33 % of the geographical part under the forest cover, however, according to the 2017 State of Forest report; it’s still struggling to go over 22 %!
  • According to the government’s data, 14,000sq km of forests got cleared largely to fulfill the increasing demands for wood for different objectives from timber to paper manufacturing used across India in the past 30 years.
  • Besides the forest size, it has direct effects on the yearly rainfall in India; it decreases the greenhouse effects and fights against the soil erosion also.
  • The time had come to seriously start thinking about saving the forest as well as creating an alternate source to fulfill the requirement of mankind while keeping the forests intact for other livings apart from humans.

How SWAROOP Helps Farmers?

  • Agriculture is the biggest provider of income in rural India with a contribution of 25 % of India’s GDP. However, it’s still reliant primarily on the monsoons. Agricultural production growth has been sluggish in the last several years. It affects the life of farmers who are the ‘Root of the Nation’ as well as the ‘Backbone of Our Economy’. The majority of farmers in India have a small amount of land however; they are still struggling to live a healthy life.
  • SWAROOP initiative will help them get a minimum assured amount for nurturing the plants till their maturity even though they can’t earn much from traditional farming. It will also work as the natural fence for their farmland because the plantation will be done on the boundaries of the land and will also minimize the severe effect of the Sun on seasonal crops.

What We Actually Do at SWAROOP?

  • At SWAROOP, we create an alternate source of wood by planting trees which have the best timber quality and have the fastest maturity rate.
  • With your help, we plant trees on the boundaries of small farmer’s land which also becomes the fencing for his farm and make him earn for taking care of trees till they are mature enough to cut.
  • This project is a step towards saving the forests, getting a good living for smaller farmers and helping you with your social responsibility which again will get you good returns in the end.
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How we work

The process is very simple and easy to understand.

The Swaroop Project

1. YOU

You agree to invest in this great initiative.

The Swaroop Project


The minimum amount of investment is Rs. 2,000 Per Tree and you can invest as much as you would like to.

The Swaroop Project


We find the required farmland and a responsible farmer. With the help of farmers, we sow seedlings of the trees on his land boundary. The farmers will get 80% for your investment for this and we take 20% as an operating cost.

The Swaroop Project


Farmers will take care of that seedlings and nurture them till they become mature enough to be used in different industries from plywood, match sticks, paper, etc.

The Swaroop Project


We then get them cut and send them to the industries for further process.

The Swaroop Project


We then transfer your gains to your account received from the company. The return at around 7-8 years will be Rs. 4,500-5,500 against the investment of Rs. 2,000.


The projected maturity as per the survey has done is around 7 to 8 years for plywood and veneer and 3 to 4 years for paper and match stick usage.

The species of tree we plant is Melia Dubia. It has 80% timber quality, soft wood. It has multiple uses from plywood, MDF, decorative boards, paper, match sticks, pencil, etc.

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an Initiative Towards
Achieving Sustainable
Development and a Better Society…!


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The Swaroop Project

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The Swaroop Project

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The Swaroop Project

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What Do People Say About SWAROOP?

The SWAROOP project is a great initiative to help farmers earn some regular income, for investors who want to make some investments for better returns and for our environment to get some ‘GREEN EFFECTS’ in our surroundings.

Bhavdip Panchani Comfort Inn Legacy

I am thoroughly impressed with the working model of the SWAROOP project, which beneficial for all the people associated with it. In India, we should have more and more projects like this.

Anant Kumar Lodha Ananta Exports

The most important aspect which I liked about the SWAROOP project is that they are actually helping small farmers earn some additional revenue in today’s time where very few people are actually doing something for our farmers. Great Initiative!

Mahavir Khuman Pride Fiat

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